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  关于毅力的英语演讲稿 (一):The power of perseverance

  Dear friend。s:

  If you c。an dr。eam it, you can do it.——Walt Disney

  It was。 a long four years. Even after I had。 a。ctually gradu。ated, the。 n。ightmares began to haunt me, the universit。y would call to say I hadn’。t truly graduated. There had been a mistake and there was just one more cl。ass I needed to take. I was always so rel。ieved to。 wake up and realize th。at it had only been a bad dream. In reality, I had complet。ed every course needed for my degree, and I was a full-fledged college graduate!

  Now, the rest of my。 life loomed ahead of me. Sometimes a bachelor’。s degree prepares you for a specific occupation——you train to be an accou。ntant, you graduate and get a position in an accounting firm. Often。, however, your stint in college only prepare。s you to make further dec。i。sions re。gardin。g your future. You’。re pretty sure what you。 do。n’t want to do!

  During my senior ye。ar of college,。 I had toyed with the idea of changing my major. At that point, I。 had finally discovered what captured my heart. But, wanting to finally b。e finishing school was a stronger pull. So, I took a few courses i。n phys。iology a。nd exercise science, but not enough to receive a degree in physical therapy. That would require advanced schooling, beyond my bachelor’s degree——and I just was。n’tready to ta。ckle that. Having completed my B.C. degree, I didn’t have any intentions of furthering my education.

  So, I did the safe thing and got an。 office job——the very thing I was sure that I didn’t want t。o do! I detes。ted the office policies,。 the suits I had to wear。 and the down。town envi。ronment。 that I had to drive to every d。ay. I knew this was n。ot where I belonged.

  But god knew what path my care。er w。as to follow. A position opened up at the most exclusive health club in our c。ity, so I applied. This w。as my kind of environment——an active, vibrant kind of pl。ace——completely at the opposite end of the spect。rum from the of。fice environment where I found myself.。 The position required that I work。 Saturday nights and Sund。ay mo。rnin。gs. Perfect, I tho。ught! I could keep my office job Monday t。hrou。gh Friday and work at my dream job on t。he weekends.。 This arrangement。 l。asted。 several months until, eventually, a full-time position opened up and I was able to resign from m。y office job.

  Over the next few years。, I worked my way up the lead。er, gaining experience in s。everal different depart。ments. I found my ni。che as the director of member services——。catering to our。 clientele and providing them with numerous cutting-edge programs. I would have stayed at that job forever——it seemed to be the pinnacle of all my dreams fulfille。d. Here were fellow employees who had a passion for the same things that I did——health and fitness. Yet again, god had other pl。an。s for my life.Within two years, a n。ewer, bigger, better and more state-of-the-art health club f。ac。il。ity was built——just five miles down the r。oad. An。d, in turn, the owner los。t many members to that club. And, in turn。, the ow。n。er lost thousands of dollars. One by one we were each laid off.

  After trying unsuccessfully to。 la。nd another si。milar position elsewhere, I knew w。hat I had to do. Go back to。 school!thanks!

  关于毅力的英语演讲稿 (二):Just Perseverance and be Yourself

  D。ear teac。he。rs and。 mates。:

  We are in a constant state of trying。 to get something better。 and diffe。rent.。We are often trying to be someone different,even when the current us is pretty decent. If you are not happy being。 you,then who else ca。n you be? In each person。'。s life,will meet a lot of in。dividual who will impacted themselves.Some people teach you a lot of things. Some may give you a lot of encouragement A。s for me there are also some people inspired me.But the most great impact was my dear father.

  When I was a litt。l。e girl,I often want to give up study instead play games.Then my father will told me "Persev。erance is the golden key to being successful in anything。 you。 do.It's a matter of hanging on long afte others have quit".When I was a teenager I like to make track for a st。ar。,and like images like,including dress etc.Then my Dad always tell me that"Be what you are, not what you aren't,because when you are what you aren't,then you aren't what you are".All of the things。 are inspired me so much.

  Sometimes,I think my father was a philosopher,sometimes think he is a activists,always set an ex。ample for his child ,do w。hat a father should do.He is always working hard to feed large family, he is always considerate to forgive his nau。ghty chi。ldren,moreover he filial piety to the。 old person,to repay parents' brought up. In a word, he always s。o good.

  Of course he's not a iron。 man,h。e also has a fragile, but he never lose self,and perseveran。ce.What's more, when I meet with some troubles and want to give up, he always encourage me.I still remember what he told me "perseverance overcomes almost everything.When you fall, perseverance tells you。 get up.When you are defeated,perseverance tells you to tr。y again .When you feel。 like quitting, perseverance doesn't let you".

  Nowadays, I am an adults,and as a college studen。t,I always una。voidably depending on m。y father, I often call to my father to a。sk some questions, meanwhile I also wa。nt to know how are they recently I start my college life followed with my。 fathers edificat。io。n.Becau。s。e of my dear father,I know how importa。nt to be myself.I have to be true to myself, because the only important thing。 in life is what you do with the time。 on spend h。ere in earth.So I'll always。 be optimistic and happy in t。he following time.Also,as my father told me,just be perseverance to do everything. So that I can do anything I wish to create my future!

  Father is l。ike a lighthouse,guide me in the direction of the future.I hope I could owning a wonderful futu。re,and my father will company with me forever!thanks。!

  关于毅力的英语演讲稿 (三):Perseve。rance Creates Wonder

  Success is made up of one percent talent and ninety-nine percent effort.

  The process of climbing is hard, but the scenery of the top is d。ifferent than it in the bottom of the hill.。in order to see the scenery of the top, we must overcom。e all difficulties bravel。y .somethin。g easy to s。ay。 , but difficult to do. The peak lo。oks s。o far away from our, the leg is so painful, and others say that, forget it, yo。u can't climb。 up, quickly stop and rest.

  So, the higher of the mountain, the fewer people. But, could we give up the scenery of the peak? although Success is f。ar awa。y, but there it is, it hands to us ,and encourage u。s to pers。is。t a while, the most beau。tiful s。cenery will belong to us. So, no matter。 how tired, no matter how hard, we。 still adhere to the teeth。, until success. Like Chris Gardner, in order to survive, to his son, he works very hard, although so tired that even want to give up, but he knew, giving up is a thorough fail。ure, means coming back to the origin, losting hope at the same time. You got a dream, you gonna pr。otect it. When we at the mos。t hard time, hold on for a moment, will be the most beautiful scenery.

  Successful people will never give up after the storm, rather than born with the ability to got anything.。thanks!

  关于毅力的英语演讲稿 (四):

  results are not important, but they can persist for many years as a commemoration of . many years ago, as a res。ult of habits and overea。ting formed one of obesity, as well as i。ndicator。s。 of overall physical disorde。rs, so that aff。ects my work and life. in friends to encourage and supervise, the partic。ipated。 in the team。 now considered to have been more than three years, neither the fine ra。in, regardless of wi。nter heat, a day out with 5:0。0 time. the beginning, have been discouraged, suffering, and disappointment, but in the end of the urgi。ng of friends, to re-get up, stand on the playground.

  in。 fact, i did not build big, nor strong muscl。es, not a sport-born people. over the past few years to adhere to it, because i have a team behind, the strength of a strong team here, very grateful to our team, for a long time, we encoura。ge each other, and with sweat, enjo。ying common health happy. for ex。ample, friends of the several r。un in order t。o maintain order and。 unable t。o。 atte。nd the 10,000 meters race, and they are。 al。ways concerned about the brothers and promptly inform the place and time, gives us confidence and courage. at the same time, also came on their own inner desire an。d pursuit for a good。 health, who wrote ma。ny of their own log in order t。o。 refuel for their own, and inspiring.

  as the saying goes: steed leap, not ten steps, ten inferior horse riding, gong。-in give up. indeed, a much n。eeded one and give up the spirit of wedge. adhering to the this is indeed a need for very pe。rseverance. insist on a day to rest in accor。d。ance with the fixed time, leisurely days gone lax, especially late。 at。 night to rest and change the way of life, whi。ch seems young, it is i。nconceivable, and since five o'clock。 the morning, a little bri。ght days, i。t is。 a good ti。me to dream. a friend of mine has a joke that you h。ad on the old age. in fact, we have no longer a dr。eam, o。nly to establish goals。, determine。d to move forward towards a direction, will eventu。ally achieve the ideal. assessment units have been my fe。male col。leagues as t。he mos。t stamina of men, i would like them to the high uation, perhaps i am more dedicated to。 see their side。.

  in。dividual meters on a county to run the。 second prize winner in the podium, from。 the ministers and deputy head of publ。icity, who took over a certificate of m。erit and enjoy the award-winning treatment of athletes, the stronger the confidenc。e in the future to participate in sports. this is me, no。t the end, b。ut a milestone, but als。o a new starting po。int.

  say, the organization also realized the purpose of running fitness.






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