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  Name: Huang xx。 Sex: Male photos

  Height: 175cm Weight: 65Kg

  National: Han orig。in: Hubei

  Date of birth: training in December 1986 by:。 the National统招

  Education: Undergra。duate: Me。dicine

  Political landscape: the post of party members who: Section。 chief

  Branc。hes: a series of clinical。 teachin。g hospital: The First Af。filiated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University School of Medicine

  Loving expertis。e:

  Love sports, good at basketball, football, running 1,。500 meters, like reading boo。ks, reading newspapers, listening to music, repairing electronic。 products, maki。ng friends widely.


  Born in rural areas, long in rural areas, a firm belief, per。severance strong, sincere man of integrity, can bear hardships and stand hard, a prudent and real。ist。ic chara。cter, a strong sense of responsibility and initiative. On the work of a conscientious and respo。nsible, careful and meticulous work, a comprehensive and thoug。htful c。onsideration; to respect teachers, u。nited students, a strong collective sense of honor; the positive attitude of life, optimistic about the。 up and pay attentio。n to not do any work; demanding their own, daring敢拼contin。uousl。y improve individua。l s。elf-cultivation and moral, intellectu。al, physical, such as overall quality.

  Life motto:

  Withou。t long and short term, there is fear.

  Pr。actice of Road:

  The elimination of the suffering of patients;

  In。come-generating benefits for th。e hospital;

  To contribute to the country;

  For social development.

  English and computer:

  4 has passed the national ex。amination in English, have good English listening, spea。king, r。eading and writing abil。ity; two national computer examination, to。 carry out skilled Word document, Excel sprea。dsheet, computer programming, such as the initial operatio。n.


  In science, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, diagnostics, human anatomy, embryology, physiology, medical immunology, path。o。gen bio。logy, pathology, pharmacology, pathophysio。logy, medical imaging, infectious diseases , ophthalmology,。 otorhinolaryngology, Dermatoven。er。eolo。gy, neurology, psychiatry, oral science.

  Internship experience:

  2007.3-2008.2 F。irst Aff。iliated Hospital of Nanchang University internship.

  Attachment pe。riod, has heart medicine, digestive, pediat。ric, endocrine,。 respiratory, renal, Platts。,。 the brai。n, the bone, m。aternity, Hematol。ogists and ECG departments, such as internships. After nearly a year of serious training, is now。 a。ble to wear the completion of thoracic, abdominal w。ear, puncture and ECG, surg。i。cal。 hand-washing clothes, disinfe。ction techniques, dressing change, debridement。 and suturing, such as clinical operations, can be read common heart ECG disease.

  Education and experience:

  Fr。om an early age by the formal school training, the formation of the orthodox phil。osophy of education, values and world v。iew.

  2003.09-2008.07, N。anc。hang U。niversity School of Medicine, clinical medicine, five-year, und。ergrad。uate professional, as to defend the members of

  广昌县a 2000.09-2003.07, the focus。 of science classes, as a life member of 1992.09-19。97.07 Changqiao Central Primary School, serv。ed as squa。d。 leader, and participated in M。athematical Olympiad competitions, received second prize

  So。cia。l experience:

  2004.09-2006.12 repeatedly engaged in home,。 work-study, and has done service in the restau。ran。t. Job search intention:

  M。ulti-disciplinary knowledge and professional s。kills, both inside and outside。 the department is willing to engage clinicians.



  Address:。 XX


  OBJEC。TIVE: To seek an excellenc。e in profession, growth in career a。nd be assoc。iated with an organizati。on offering a responsible positio。n whereby my traditional Chinese medical specialty can be utilized.

  KEY COMPETENCE: Traditi。onal Chinese and western medici。ne experience for over 30 years, especially be skilled in treating many。 difficult。 diseases b。y tr。aditional Chines。e medical science, such as Cerebrovascular diseases, Rheumatism, G。ynecological diseases, Immune system di。s。eases。, and so on; be good at ort。hopedics & tr。aumatology of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage; C。omputer skill (Microsoft office。), passionat。e, se。lf-conf。idence, honest, dedicated, hardworking。 and can be work under pressure.



  general practitioner

  Datong ZhongYi Clinic (which is run by myself)

  Shan xi provinc。e, China

  June, 2006-present

  To treat clinical diseases by traditional Chine。se (including Chinese traditional med。icine, orthopedics & traumatology of C。hinese medicine, acupu。ncture and massage) and western medicine, including:

  l Pediatric。s diseases

  l Internal medicine diseases

  l Cerebrovascular diseas。es

  l Rheumatism

  l Gyn。ecological dise。ases

  l Immune System diseases

  attending。 doctor

  Datong Seventh Municipal People。’s Hospital。 (Public hospital by government)

  S。han xi province, China

  September, 1986-September, 1993

  As attend。ing doctor in:

  l internal medicine department

  l pediat。rics department

  l obstetrics and gynecolog。y department

  l emergency department.

  resident doctor

  Datong Seventh Munic。ipal People’s Hospit。al (Public hospital by government)

  Shan xi province, China

  September, 1976。-S。eptember, 198。6

  As。 resident doctor in:

  l internal medicine department

  l pediatrics department

  l obstetrics and gynecology department

  l emergency department

  rural doctor

  Dong。guan Cun, Yangmingbao Xiang, Dai。 Xian医生英文简历范文。由精。品信息网整理!

  Shanxi Prov。ince, China

  Main work is to treat common diseases for peasants.


  l 3 Years。 clinical medicine

  Graduate Year 1976

  Shanxi Medical University

  Key curriculums include。 Organic chemis。try, Medical physi。cs, Cell biology, Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Physiology, Biochemist。ry, Immunology,。 Microbiology, Pathology, Pathophysiol。ogy, Pharmacology, Medical Genetics, Dia。gnosis, internal m。edicine science, Surgery science,。 Obstetr。ics and gynecology scienc。e, Pediatrics scie。nce, Neurology and Psychiatry, Dermatology, Radi。ation Sc。ience, Opht。halmology, Oto。laryngology, Chinese traditional medicine, and so on.


  l Attending doctor for traditional Chinese medicine

  l Attending doctor for Chinese-weste。rn combined medicine

  l Attending doctor for pediatrics


  BIRTHDATE : December 1,



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